Beginning A Group – Personal Reflections

Elizabeth J. Gomart

Finding my own people at AAP was a priority after I attended my first AAP event in 2012 as a scholarship recipient. Brian Cross, my husband, and a long-time member of AAP [...]

Linda Tillman

Often it’s all about timing. I joined AAP as an older person toward the end of my career. I was in practice with three presidents of the Academy and knew many AAP [...]

Carole Light

When I joined AAP in 1971 I don’t remember groups being “closed.” People wandered in and out, committing for one meeting…or not…and taking heat upon leaving, or working your way in. [...]

Gary Frankel

By the fall of 1982 I had just enough therapy and supervision to be profoundly aware of a deep need to connect with peers with the long view in mind. Back then, [...]

Lyn Sommer

As a graduate student, I attended my first I&C in 1980, and proceeded to fall completely in love with AAP’s amazingly personal professional home! Having professors at Georgia State and mentors in [...]

Lee Blackwell

My relationship with the Academy started with my doctoral supervisor inviting me to the 1974 Southeast Region meeting in New Orleans. There, I met David Hawkins, Gladys Natchez, Harry Blum, and others, [...]

Rhona Engels

During Opening Experience of my first Summer Workshop, the open family groups were asked to stand. Bewildered, I let my roomie take my hand and lead me into her family group. I [...]

Pat Webster

When I joined the Academy and came to my first Summer Workshop in late 80’s, early 90’s, I somehow quickly ascertained that belonging to a Family Group (they weren’t called Peer Groups [...]

David Loftis

Having arrived as a brand new member at Stone Mountain in 1984, I was told that some groups were open and wanting new members. I was one of the fortunate members in [...]

Ed Sharp

At my first Summer Workshop in Park City, Utah in 1996, an effort was made to soften the anxiety of new membership by holding a group meeting of first time members that [...]

Grover E. Criswell

We were in a Summer Workshop in Houston, Texas in 1975 and the leaders framed the opening experience, breaking everyone into small alphabetical groups. Cleaves, Compton, and Criswell, soon joined by others, [...]

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