In Search of Integrity and Responsibility in the Work

The current membership of AAP’s Ethics Committee includes Marilyn Schwartz (Chairperson), Curt Arey, Jane Baxter, Debbara Dingman, Hannah Hawkins-Esther, Carole Light, Penelope Norton, David Pellegrini, Diane Shaffer and Avrum Weiss.

As a significant benefit of AAP membership, the Ethics Committee provides free and confidential consultation about ethics and practice management. Members are welcome to call on the Chairperson or any member of the Ethics Committee at any time.

The primary role of AAP’s Ethics Committee is educational and advisory, not punitive. The Committee strives to further Academy members’ awareness of ethical practice in multiple ways: through frequent workshops at AAP conferences; via a monthly column in the Academy’s Newsletter; and through personal and confidential consultation at the request of members.

Most consultations arise when members carry concerns regarding ethical questions, risk management, or issues or dilemmas they face in their therapeutic work. The Committee can be an invaluable resource in the unfortunate event that a member is facing an ethics complaint or investigation by a licensing board or other professional investigation. In that circumstance, the Ethics Committee can provide expert guidance and support.