Welcome to the American Academy of Psychotherapists

~ a message from our President, Kristin Staroba

Dear Visitor,

I am pleased that you are reading the website of our American Academy of Psychotherapists.

We are a multidisciplinary group of dedicated psychotherapists who are committed to exploring the value of the therapy relationship in the psychological healing process. We come together twice a year in national meetings to hone our skills, to learn from recent developments in research and practice, and to encounter each other and ourselves through authentic dialogue. It is through these personal and professional relationships that we hope to develop into more finely tuned instruments for growth and change in our relationships with clients.

I invite you to read more about us in the pages of this website. The sections Who We Are, Our Roots, Family/Peer Groups, and Reflections give some more detailed background and a sample of members speaking of their experience of the Academy and as psychotherapists. Our journal, Voices is also a wonderful resource for stimulating your excitement and interest in the therapeutic encounter and process. The Institute and Conference, held every fall, is open to all therapists and I encourage you to consider attending all or part of it in order to meet us and partake of the many educational plenaries and workshops offered. Click on Events to learn more about the I&C and other meetings, as well regional conferences and local meetings.

We follow in the footsteps of our dynamic elders who came together to learn from each other, to challenge the homeostasis, and to confront their own defenses in the service of developing psychotherapy as an art and as an ethical and scientific discipline. Please consider joining us in this endeavor by attending a meeting, subscribing to Voices, or becoming a member.

We welcome your questions and comments. Thanks for your visit and your interest.


Kristin Staroba, LICSW
President, 2020-2022