Welcome to the American Academy of Psychotherapists

 from our President, Lyn Sommer

Dear Visitor,

I welcome you to the website of AAP. We are a multidisciplinary group of dedicated psychotherapists who are committed to life-long personal and professional growth, challenging the homeostasis, and connecting as psychotherapists.

Each year, AAP hosts two national conferences, as well as ongoing peer groups and regional gatherings, to explore the value of the therapy relationship in the psychological healing process.

Our Fall Institute and Conference is open to all therapists, including 20 non-member professionals who are awarded need-blind scholarships. I encourage you to consider attending all or part of our I&C to meet us, and partake of process-oriented workshops, community meetings, and presentations of cutting-edge issues affecting our field.

In our annual Summer Workshop, AAP community members come together for five days to work with each other in small and large groups. We aim to learn from each other different ways of working, and to develop into more finely tuned instruments for growth and change in our relationships with clients.

Lyn Sommer, PhD
President, 2022-2024