Full Membership

Full membership in the Academy requires a doctoral or professional degree in one of the following mental health fields: psychiatry, clinical or counseling psychology, social work, pastoral counseling, marriage and family therapy, counseling, or nursing; and licensure which allows for the independent practice of psychotherapy.

  • Specific training in psychotherapy with a minimum of 100 hours of supervision.
  • At least one year of full-time post-graduate clinical experience (or the equivalent in part-time experience) for doctoral level applicants; at least two years for others.
  • A minimum of 100 hours of personal psychotherapy.

Other Categories of Membership

In the interest of promoting the development of experienced psychotherapists, one category of associate membership is offered for those with the intent of becoming full members. These members will be working with a mentor as they progress to full membership.

Associate Membership

  • has completed a relevant professional degree
  • is currently practicing psychotherapy under supervision appropriate to the licensure
  • has recommendations from at least three faculty, supervisors, and/or Academy members
  • has completed or is actively engaged in obtaining 100 hours of personal psychotherapy
  • agrees to work with an Academy member mentor
  • may be an associate for no more than five years

Student Affiliate

For students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program. Application includes acceptable recommendations from two faculty, supervisors, or Academy members.