Voices • The Art and Science of Psychotherapy

Voices is a thrice-annual journal written by and for psychotherapists and others involved with the healing professions. It focuses on the personal struggles and growth of therapists and the influences of therapists on the process of psychotherapy. The articles are written in a personalized voice rather than an academic tone, and they are of an experiential and theoretical nature that reflects on the human condition.

The dark side of psychotherapy rests on its being a lonely and isolating profession. Voices reaches into this darkness and provides the therapist with enlightenment and warmth. The authors in Voices are seasoned psychotherapists trained in a variety of disciplines, but all holding to a humanistic ideal. They share, from the isolation of their offices, their struggles, successes, and failures. As long-distance journeyers, the authors invite us in to see how they work, what they think, and how they’re feeling along the way. They struggle to connect with their readers. Voices is unique, nourishing, and transformative. Reading it changes lives.

Carla Bauer, LCSW
Atlanta, GA


Voices welcomes submission of articles, poetry, book and film reviews, and visual arts. Click here for Submission Guidelines.