When I joined the Academy and came to my first Summer Workshop in late 80’s, early 90’s, I somehow quickly ascertained that belonging to a Family Group (they weren’t called Peer Groups yet) was mandatory for a rich experience in the Academy. I dutifully went about trying to join one, assisted by a fellow newcomer, Joel, who was quickly asked to join a family group. I asked to join two or three; I was rejected by all of them. What can I say? I’m a sleeper in a new and large group. After three or four years, one group stood up in the SW cafeteria, and said that they wanted new members. It didn’t feel like a good match for me; however, they really, really wanted me. And I was lonely. And wanted some “people” to be “my people.” I joined with a three-year commitment, saying that I would explore any issues of ambivalence that might contribute to my reticence to join. I stayed for ten years. During that time, I had many rich experiences and came to care about many members in that group. Then, one SW, I knew it was time to go. One reason is that I’m somewhat introverted, I would often become really irritable in response to so much interpersonal contact at SW’s and I&C’s without time for rest, processing with myself, and integrating.