My relationship with the Academy started with my doctoral supervisor inviting me to the 1974 Southeast Region meeting in New Orleans. There, I met David Hawkins, Gladys Natchez, Harry Blum, and others, and did some work on myself. After taking Gestalt Therapy training with Irma Lee Shepard, Earl Brown, Edward Smith, and others, my next meeting was the 1978 I&C in Monterey, California, and I joined. With young children at home, I limited my attendance to the Western Region meetings, and did not make it to another national meeting until the 1985 Summer Workshop at Airlie House. I had become close with Naomi James who invited me to join her family group, but I had just met David Loftis and we hit it off and he invited me to his group. I went to Naomi’s group, but it was already large, 14, and there was a lot of vocal resistance to new members. Before it was decided, I left and found David’s group, which had only met for a year, and was welcomed. I have cherished being held by my group ever since.