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2017 • 62nd Annual Institute & Conference • Oct 18-22 • Santa Fe, NM
The Psychotherapy Relationship: What Works?

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     Curt Arey, MA, LPC
     Hannah Hawkins-Esther, LCSW

On-line registration closes Sunday November 15 at noon MDT.  You may register on site during conference hours. 

If a workshop you would like to attend is full, you may place yourself on a "waitlist", please send an email to with your name and the number of the workshop you are interested in attending.  We will contact you if space becomes available.

Brochure Updates

Workshop #4 with Jonathan Farber and Adam Klein has been extended to two days (Wednesday and Thursday afternoon)
Workshop #26 with Fern Beu has a limit of 12 participants. 
We are approved for Diversity CEU's for workshops #18 with Mim Chapman and # 24 with Jerome Bernstein and Johnson Dennison


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Who We Are

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We are a multidisciplinary community of psychotherapists dedicated to developing the person of the therapist.  The mission of the American Academy of Psychotherapists is to invigorate and support the psychotherapist’s quest for excellence and growth through authentic interpersonal engagement.

With an emphasis on authentic “I-Thou” engagement, we explore the relationship between the person of the therapist and the process of therapy, in an ongoing effort to develop the art and science of psychotherapy . . .

You can gain additional insights into who we are by perusing the Reflections area of the site to read selected articles and poetry written by Academy members.

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Our Beginnings

Founded in 1955 by Henry Guze, Jules Barron, and Albert Ellis, the American Academy of Psychotherapists was one of the first professional organizations to bring together practitioners of different disciplines (psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers) who were interested in innovative clinical practice . . .

What We Do

The Academy publishes a journal for and by psychotherapists, hosts two national conference events each year, hosts 2-4 hour local salons for psychotherapists and other interested parties, publishes a newsletter, maintains a professional/social web forum, and promotes awareness of research into psychotherapy in the public interest.

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You can apply for Full Membership in the academy if you have a doctoral or professional degree in one of the following mental health fields: psychiatry, clinical or counseling psychology, social work, pastoral counseling, marriage and family therapy, counseling, or nursing, and licensure which allows for the independent practice of psychotherapy; and if you have completed 100 hours of individual therapy.

In addition, there are categories of membership for students and graduates who are working toward these requirements.  For more information visit the membership pages.

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