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Silence (Summer 2018)

Silence: that which is unspoken, unaddressed, avoided, ignored, left unconscious, and otherwise erased from ourselves, our patients, and our work together. Also, what may be held, embodied, or shared without sound or words.  This issue of Voices will explore the nature of silence in psychotherapy.

Guest editor Elizabeth Field

Call For Papers (PDF) • Deadline April 15, 2018

Opression, Freedom, Self (Winter 2018)

In the age of Trumpocracy, White nationalism, #metoo, pussy hats, anti-immigration, xenophobia, the wall, fake news, diversity training, sexual harassment training, LGBTQ awareness--many of us are spinning. A sometimes-nauseating whirl of every-flavored politics, social turmoil, and a never-still news cycle permeates our day.In this issue - whose theme we share with the 2017 I&C - we invite to explore your experience of the psychotherapeutic relationship, and to tell us what worked and what did not.

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Call For Papers (PDF) • Deadline August 15, 2018