Becoming and Being a Therapist (Spring 2020) [members download your copy in member access tab]

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How did you become a psychotherapist? Or more to the point, Why?
How many times have you been asked some version of “How can you sit all day, listening to other people’s woes? Don’t you get bored?” What is practicing therapy about for you that these skeptical inquirers don’t grasp? What has held you in your chair, through the changing tides of psychotherapy, year after year, client after client?
For this issue of Voices, consider: What led you down this path? What drew you in? Perhaps it was some relationship or hurt you were trying to (or couldn’t) mend – yours or someone else’s. How did your early life experience prime you for this role? Or, what puzzle were you trying to solve, what mystery explain, that pulled you to study the workings of the brain or psyche?
What did psychotherapy look like when you were trained? What did it mean, then, to become a therapist? What does it mean now? What changes have you seen in the world of psychotherapy? What has been gained or lost? How have you changed as a therapist over time?
What unexpected curves did your journey take? What have been the highs and lows, the gifts and hurdles? What has rejuvenated you along the way? What keeps you in your chair? Or lures you from it?
The Academy is dedicated to the growth and development of the person of the therapist. How has being a therapist impacted you, the person? How have you grown through this work? How is being a therapist inseparable from who you are in life? How is it different? Do your clients see the real you or a persona? Do family and friends see the therapist you?
How has being a psychotherapist changed your life? Would you do it again?



Carla Bauer, LCSW

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