The Geometry of Place, the Tangled Roots of Home (Winter 2019)

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Our histories of place and home are shared by family and community and are uniquely personal at the same time. This issue of Voices will explore how the physical, emotional, and psychological dimensions of place and home shape and hold us and make us uniquely who we are as human beings.

Consider: What does the construct of “home” mean to you? How did the landscape of your childhood shape your identity, your psyche, and the rhythms of your life? How did the place you were raised inform your understanding of reality and your values? How did your roots impact your journey into the world beyond home? What has been your experience of leaving home or finding and forming “home” throughout your life? How has your own experience of place and home influenced the milieu you have created or adopted for your work as a therapist?

Consider also the ways in which your clients’ unique histories of place and home have shaped their journey, their struggles, and their sense of safety and belonging. How do their histories affect and inform your therapeutic endeavors and your relationship to your clients, whose trajectories toward and away from home inevitably differ from your own?


Guest Editors: Tom Burns, PhD, David Pellegrini, PhD

Voices welcomes submissions in the form of personal essay, research- and case-based inquiry, poetry, art, cartoons, and photography.

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