History of the Academy’s National Events, 1956 to Present

YearCoverEventCityStateTheme TitleBrochure
2022AAP Summer WorkshopPine MountainGATaking a Seat at the TableDownload Brochure
202166th Annual Institute & ConferenceColumbusOHDynamic EngagementDownload Brochure
2021AAP Summer WorkshopVirtualZOOMThis Little Light: Nurturing Spirit in Dark TimesDownload Brochure
202065th Annual Institute & ConferenceVirtualZOOMRisking Connection in an Age of Fear and UncertaintyDownload Brochure
2019AAP Summer WorkshopChicagoILMirror, Mask and Shadow: Can You See Me?Download Brochure
201964th Annual Institute & ConferenceSavannahGAThe Ghost in You: Psychotherapy and the Art of GrievingDownload Brochure
201863rd Annual Institute & ConferenceAtlantaGASounds of Silence: Working the Edges of the UnspokenDownload Brochure
2018AAP Summer WorkshopYoung HarrisGACrossing to Common Ground: Creating Connection in PsychotherapyDownload Brochure
201762nd Annual Institute & ConferenceSanta FeNMThe Psychotherapy Relationship: What Works?Download Brochure
2017AAP Summer WorkshopRoanokeWVShared Laughter and Tears: The Alchemy of ConnectionDownload Brochure
201661st Annual Institute & ConferenceWashingtonDCWhat’s Love Got To Do With It?Download Brochure
2016AAP Summer WorkshopBedford SpringsPAPaths and JourneysDownload Brochure
201560th Annual Institute & ConferenceSt. LouisMOWhere Therapists Dare To TreadDownload Brochure
20152015 AAP Summer WorkshopStevensonWAVulnerability
Embracing Intimacy & Risking Injury
Download Brochure
201459th AAP Annual Institute & ConferenceAustinTXIdentity and Transformation
I, We, and Other
Download Brochure
2014AAP Summer WorkshopYoung HarrisGABe Changed. For Good.Download Brochure
201358th AAP Annual Institute & ConferencePhiladelphiaPAThe ABC's of the Psychotherapy Process
Accountability, Boundaries + Compassion
Download Brochure
201357th Annual Summer WorkshopBoulderCOResilienceDownload Brochure
201257th AAP Annual Institute & ConferenceAtlantaGAThe Core of Psychotherapy Experience in Relationship
Download Brochure
201256th Annual Summer WorkshopVirginia BeachVAMore Is Better Or Is It? Greed, Excess, and Addiction
201156th AAP Annual Institute & ConferenceSanta FeNMLove Matters
201155th Annual Summer WorkshopGlades SpringsWVStepping Into The Void
201055th AAP Annual Institute & ConferenceBaltimoreMDGeneratively Energizing the Life of the Therapist
201054th Annual Summer WorkshopRoanokeWVThe Power Of The I-Thou Dance
200954th AAP Annual Institute & ConferenceSarasotaFLCompassion, Connection and Authentic Presence
200953rd Annual Summer WorkshopPocono ManorPAThe Goldilocks Dilemma Seeking What's Just Right
200853rd AAP Annual Institute & ConferenceSavannahGAMillennium III
Time, Transition & The Human Connection
200852nd Annual Summer WorkshopRoanokeWVRisk and Vitality
200752nd Annual Institute & ConferenceSan DiegoCAThe Many Faces of Fear
Attachment, Trauma, and Neuroscience Perspective
200751st Annual Summer WorkshopPine MountainGADiscrimination
Inclusion and Exclusion
200651st Annual Institute & ConferenceAshevilleNCPsychotherapy's Challenge
Courage in the Face of Adversity
200650th Annual Summer WorkshopSebascoMEDifficult Choices, Dilemmas and Decisions
200550th Annual Institute & Conference
TorontoCanadaBridging the Old and New in Psychotherapy
200549th Annual Summer WorkshopBrentwoodCAThe I that is We, Being in Community
200449th Annual Institute & ConferenceSanta FeNMSpirits of Our Ancestors
200448th Annual Summer WorkshopMt. SterlingOHIntimacy Fear and Fascination
200348th Annual Institute and ConferenceBostonMAPsychotherapy Working With Abundance & Deprivation
200347th Annual Summer WorkshopSebasco EstatesMEDifficult Choices, Dilemmas & Decisions
200247th Annual Institute and ConferenceWashingtonDCPleasure and Perversity
Sexuality in Psychotherapy
200246th Annual Summer WorkshopCumberlandMDPassionate Connections Within and Without
200146th Annual Institute and ConferenceAtlantaGAA Healing Odyssey
Psychotherapy Across the Life Span
45th Summer WorkshopEllenvilleNYDance with Meaning
45th Annual Institute and ConferenceCharlestonSCPsychotherapy
Bonding and Bondage
44th Summer WorkshopSedonaAZIf Not Now...When
Time in Psychotherapy
199944th Annual Institute and ConferenceArlington HeightsILLife Forces
Trust in the Process
199943rd Summer WorkshopMt. SterlingOHThe Heart of Psychotherapy
199843rd Annual Institute & ConferenceAustinTXConnections
Pathways for Healing
199842nd Summer WorkshopSebascoMEThat Which Endures
199742nd Annual Institute and Conference
MontrealCanadaRoots and Wings
199741st Summer WorkshopSnowshoeWVVoices from the Interior
Tracking Our Integrity
199641st Annual Institute and ConferenceAtlantaGAMetamorphosis - Changing Trends in Psychotherapy
199640th Summer WorkshopPark CityUTEnergy from Openness - Strength in Containment
40th Annual Institute & ConferenceSan FranciscoCAContaining the Chaotic
Preserving the Integrity of the Creative Psychotherapist
199539th Summer WorkshopOlive BranchMSCommunity as Fertile Ground
199439th Annual Institute & ConferenceNew OrleansLAFine Tuning the Instruments of Psychotherapy
Our Skills and Ourselves
199438th Summer WorkshopStoweVTThe Freedom of Boundaries
199338th Annual Institute & ConferenceSanta FeNMBearing the Unbearable
Preserving Spirit in the Passionate Psychotherapist
199337th Summer WorkshopCashiersNCFinding Our Way
Advanced Training for the Experienced Psychotherapist
199237th Annual Institute & ConferenceWashingtonDCThe Journey of the Potent Therapist
Navigating the Inner Storm
199236th Summer WorkshopMorgantownWVCompetition & Cooperation
199136th Annual Institute & ConferenceSeattleWAFaces of Evil
Psychotherapy on the Threshold of the Millennium
199135th Summer WorkshopDevil's HeadWIShifting Back to Center
Reaffirming Depth Psychotherapy
199035th Annual Institute & ConferenceColumbusOHPsychotherapy as Art
Keeping Creativity Alive
199034th Summer WorkshopHilton HeadSCAn End to Innocence
198934th Annual Institute & ConferenceNewport BeachCAOld Myths and New Realities
198933rd Summer WorkshopStoweVTLiving on the Edge
198833rd Annual Institute & ConferenceIndianapolisINThrough the I of the therapist
198832nd Summer WorkshopCashiersNCRoom With A View
198732nd Annual Institute & ConferencePhiladelphiaPAPsychotherapy and Spirituality
198731st Summer WorkshopEstes ParkCOSpace and Boundaries
198631st Annual Institute & ConferenceAtlantaGAUntangling Knots
Recurrent Issues in Psychotherapy
198630th Summer WorkshopAirlieVABeauty and the Beast
198530th Annual Institute & ConferenceSan DiegoCAAttachment
The Therapist's Experience
198529th Summer WorkshopMont Ste MarieCanadaConnections
198429th Annual Institute & ConferenceChicagoILPromoting Freedom and Resisting Dehumanization
198428th Summer WorkshopStone MountainGANo Exit
198328th Annual Institute & ConferenceMinneapolisMNLiving One's Life Well
The Psychotherapist's Contribution to the Psychological, Physical, and Spiritual Dimensions of the Well Lived Life
198327th Summer WorkshopMadisonNJTradition and Transformation
198227th Annual Institute & ConferenceWashingtonDCResistance and Surrender in Psychotherapy
198226th Summer WorkshopAbiquiuNMBringing Out Shadows
198126th Annual Institute & ConferenceBerkeleyCAIntegrating Psychotherapy and the Arts
198125th Summer WorkshopMt. Desert IslandMELiving With Not Knowing
198025th Annual Institute & ConferenceNew YorkNYPerceptions of Reality and Psychotherapy
198024th Summer WorkshopAspenCOJoy in Psychotherapy
197924th Annual Institute & ConferenceCincinnatiOHPsychotherapy and the Body
197923rd Summer WorkshopMonteagleTNFacing Friends and Enemies
23rd Annual Institute & ConferenceMontereyCAExploring the Processes of the Therapist
197822nd Summer WorkshopMont TremblantCanadaAlone in the Midst of the Community
197722nd Annual Institute & ConferenceNew OrleansLAPower and Intimacy
197721st Summer WorkshopHoustonTXThe Dying and Laughing Therapist
197621st Annual Institute & ConferenceBostonMATI - Extraordinary Psychotherapy in Times of Crisis
AC - Social Cataclysms and the Relevance of Psychotherapy
197620th Summer WorkshopMadisonWIMusic, Psychotherapy, and the Soul
197520th Annual Institute & ConferenceAtlantaGATI - The Continuing Education of the Therapist
AC - The Discipline of Psychotherapy
197519th Summer WorkshopWarrentonVAFear and Freedom
197419th Annual Institute & ConferenceClevelandOHPsychotherapy and Larger Systems
Politics, Power, People
197418th Summer WorkshopLos AngelesCADie and Become
197318th Annual Institute & ConferenceBerkeleyCANew realities in Psychotherapy
Ways of Extending Consciousness
197317th Summer WorkshopJacksonvilleFL(unknown theme)
197217th Annual Conference & Training Institute New YorkNYBeyond the Senses
197216th Summer WorkshopTarrytownNYIntegrating the Workshop Experience into Daily Life
197116th Annual Training Institute & ConferenceMiamiFLDecision Making and Risk-Taking
Innovations in Focusing on Therapeutic Change
197115th Summer WorkshopStone MountainGAEnhancing the Creativity of the Therapist
197015th Annual Training Institute & ConferencePhiladelphiaPATurning On Without Drugs
197014th Summer
Newport BayCADoing Your Own Thing
196914th Annual ConferenceNew YorkNYSocial Psychotherapy
The Challenge of the 70's
196913th Summer WorkshopDaytonOHConflict and Conflict Resolution
196813th Annual ConferenceChicagoILThe Therapeutic Outcome
What is the Patient Buying? What is the Therapist Selling?
196812th Annual (Summer) WorkshopIndian Rocks BeachFLA New Beginning
196712th Annual Conference & First Annual Institute WarrentonVAPsychopathology and Healing Systems
"Primitive," Religious, and "Scientific"
196711th Annual (Summer) WorkshopHarrimanNYTermination - A Step Toward Autonomy
196611th Annual Institute & ConferenceLos AngelesCAThe Patient's View of Psychotherapy
196610th Annual (Summer) WorkshopMadisonWIWhere the Academy has been and where it is going
196510th Annual Institute & ConferenceWashingtonDCPsychological Crises and Resolutions
19659th Annual (Summer) WorkshopWorthingtonOHThe Silent Questions
19649th Annual ConferenceNew YorkNYDoes Psychotherapy Have a Future?
19648th Annual (Summer) WorkshopHarrimanNY(unknown theme)
19638th Annual ConferenceNew YorkNYThe Creative Use of the Unconscious by the Artist and by the Psychotherapist
19637th Annual (Summer) WorkshopPainesvilleOHThe Practicing 'I'
How Each One of Us Really Works
19627th Annual Institute & ConferenceChicagoILHow Can the Scientist Help the Psychotherapist?
19626th Annual (Summer) WorkshopFarmingdaleNYThe Psychotherapist as Artist-Scientist
Themes and Variations on Creativity
19616th Annual Institute & ConferenceNew YorkNYFailure in Psychotherapy
Process and Person
19615th Annual (Summer) WorkshopLake ArrowheadCAThe Psychotherapist as a Human Being
19605th Annual Institute & ConferenceClevelandOHPsychotherapy - Healing or Growth
19604th Annual (Summer) WorkshopFarmingdaleNYThe Alive and Growing Psychotherapist
19594th Annual Institute & ConferenceNew YorkNYDivergencies & Agreements in Methodologies of Psychotherapy
19593rd Annual (Summer) WorkshopLake Forest IL(unknown theme)
19583rd Annual ConferenceNew YorkNYLoneliness in Contemporary Man
19582nd Annual Summer Workshop on PsychotherapyMadisonWI(unknown theme)
19572nd Annual ConferenceNew YorkNYThe Place of Values in the Practice of Psychotherapy
19571st Annual Summer Workshop on Psychotherapy (and Psychotherapists)MadisonWI(unknown theme)
1956First Annual ConferenceNew YorkNYWhat is Psychotherapy?