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Research Reference Library (RLL)

In January of 2010, fearing for the survival of psychotherapy, Leonard Schwartzburd asked a group of colleagues in AAP to be part of a “Discussion Group” with the goal of making operational what we do.  Our purpose was to make a contribution to efforts to have it become the subject matter to which authentic and appropriate psychological studies  producing “evidence” that our calling and discipline is worthwhile in helping people to negotiate the complex personal and interpersonal problems that emerge within the human condition. 

We were surprised to learn within several months what so many of our colleagues in this country and internationally had also not been aware of.  We were ignorant that some of our brethren had been doing the work.  Enlightenment came as an internationally felt thunderbolt with the publication of Jonathan Shedler’s Meta-Analysis  The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy,  (American Psychologist, February/March 2010).

This moment in the history of psychotherapy came at a time when a wide spread conviction that our calling as we know it was in serious jeopardy. 

Our “Discussion Group” quickly became the Research and Advancement of Psychotherapy Committee of the American Academy of Psychotherapists.  One of our first projects was to begin this Research Reference Library.   At that point David Donlon, undertook the actual organizing and placement of the collection on our web site. 

It is our purpose that the Library provide the supportive data base for our members, other psychotherapists, media and the general public to support their own understanding of what will contribute to the advancement of psychotherapy.