Energy Psychology


Feinstein, David (2012).  Accupoint stimulation in treating psychological disorders: Evidence of efficacy. Review of General Psychiatry, vol 16: 364-380


...the existing literature is consistent with claims that acupoint tapping yields unexpectedly strong and rapid clinical outcomes with a range of conditions.  ... Not one disconfirming study has appeared.  

Acupoint protocols appear to meet the criteria for designation as a “probably efficacious treatment” for PTSD (Church et al., 2011; Church, Hawk et al., in press; Connolly and Sakai, 2011; Karatzias et al., 2011), depression (Brattberg, 2008; Church, De Asis, et al., in press; Karatzias et al., 2011), and public speaking anxiety (Schoninger and Hartung, 2010; Jones, Thornton, & Andrews, 2011).

Speculation on the mechanisms involved suggests that tapping on acupoints while a presenting emotional problem is mentally activated rapidly produces desired changes in the neurochemistry involved in that problem.

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