Watkins, Edward R, Mullan, Eugene, Wingrove, Janet, Rimes, Katherine, Steiner, Herbert, Bathrurst, Neil, Eastman, Rachel and Scott, Jan (2011). Rumination-focused cognitive–behavioural therapy for residual depression: phase II randomised controlled trial. British Journal of Psychiatry.

Excerpts (from abstract)

Adding rumination-focused CBT to TAU (treatment as usual) significantly improved residual symptoms and remission rates. Treatment effects were mediated by change in rumination.

Conclusions ... "Although suggesting the internal validity of rumination-focused CBT for residual depression, the trial lacked an attentional control group so cannot test whether the effects were as a result of the specific content of rumination-focused CBT v. non-specific therapy effects.

Rumination-focused CBT is designed to shift these negative thoughts to constructive rumination. It differs from standard CBT because it focuses on directly modifying the process of thinking.

TAU consisted of ongoing maintenance antidepressant medication and outpatient clinical management

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