Mid-Atlantic Region

Spring Workshop in the DC Area

February 23-24, 2018

Hold the Date

The Mission of AAP reads as follows: …”TO INVIGORATE THE PSYCHOTHERAPIST’S QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE AND GROWTH THROUGH AUTHENTIC INTERPERSONAL ENGAGEMENT.” …Those are lofty words but they speak to what is needed to sustain one of the essential tasks of doing the work that we all do. How do we stay vital, engaged, and continually evolving as we confront the events of our own lives as we sit in the chair? Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, disease, fluctuations in size and scope of practice, finding a co-therapist, sharing office space, joining a supervision group, working towards a certification, ….the list goes on. 

We are holding our 5th Annual Spring Workshop on February 23-24th of 2018. The format of this workshop is far deeper than the salon we share today and it offers either 6 or 9 Continuing Education Credits depending on your selection and  workshop duration. You will have a choice of two, 6-hour process groups beginning on Friday February 23 in the late afternoon or evening and continuing on Saturday February 24th after the morning Fishbowl presentation.  There are three additional 3-hour process groups to be held after the Fishbowl on Saturday afternoon. The approximate schedule and slate of presenters is as follows:

Friday February 23rd: (Part of a 6-hour CE option. You must attend both sessions)

A)Noah Myers, Ph.D. and Maria Thestrup, Ph.D. - Georgetown Office on Friday

      ——-Continued after Fishbowl on Saturday afternoon

B)Diane Shaffer, Ph.D. and Jonathan Farber, Ph.D.  - Georgetown Office on Friday

     ——-Continued after Fishbowl on Saturday afternoon


Saturday February 24th:


C) Fishbowl Presentation - Debbara Dingman, Ph.D. - 3 Hour am presentation

D) Burt Grennel, Ph.D. - 3 Hour Process group on Saturday afternoon

E) Kristin Staroba, LICSW and Reggie Schoonover, Ph.D. - 3 Hour Process Group on Saturday  afternoon

F) Gordon Cohen, Ph.D. and Matt Weissman, Ph.D. - 3 Hour Process Group on Saturday afternoon with an LGBT focus (will meet requirements for new DC Psychologist regulation).


Lunch will be provided and we finish with a Community Meeting. Plan on 8 am - 6 pm. Love!


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