History of the Academy's National Events, 1956 to Present

2019  •  2019 AAP Summer Workshop • Chicago
Mirror, Mask and Shadow
Can You See Me?
Eaglewood Resort
Chicago, Il
2018  •  63rd AAP Annual Institute and Conference • Atlanta, Ga
Sounds of Silence
Working the Edges of the Unspoken
Grand Hyatt Buckhead
Atlanta, GA
2018  •  2018 AAP Summer Workshop • North Georgia Mountains
Crossing to Common Ground:
Creating Connection in Psychotherapy
Brasstown Valley Resort
Young Harris, GA
2017  •  62nd AAP Annual Institute and Conference • Santa Fe, NM
The Psychotherapy Relationship:
What Works?
El Dorado Hotel and Spa
Santa Fe, NM
2017  •  2017 AAP Summer Workshop • Stonewall Resort, WV
Shared Laughter and Tears
The Alchemy of Connection
Stonewall Resort
Roanoke, WV
2016  •  61st AAP Annual Institute and Conference • Washington, DC
What's Love Got To Do With It?
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, DC
2016  •  2016 AAP Summer Workshop • Bedford Springs, PA
Paths and Journeys
Omni Bedford Springs Resort
Bedford Springs, PA
2015  •  60th AAP Annual Institute & Conference • St Louis Gateway Arch
Where Therapists Dare To Tread
The Westin St Louis
St Louis, MO
2015  •  2015 AAP Summer Workshop • Columbia River Gorge
Embracing Intimacy & Risking Injury
Skamania Lodge, Columbia River Gorge
Stevenson, WA
2014  •  59th AAP Annual Institute & Conference • Austin Lakefront
Identity and Transformation
I, We, and Other
The Hyatt Regency Austin
Austin, TX
2014  •  AAP 2014 Summer Workshop • Brasstown Valley
Be Changed. For Good.
Brasstown Valley Resort
Young Harris, GA
2013  •  58th AAP Annual Institute & Conference • Penn's Landing
The ABC's of the Psychotherapy Process
Accountability, Boundaries + Compassion
The Hyatt at Penn's Landing
Philadelphia, PA
2013  •  57th Annual Summer Workshop • Boulder
Millennium Harvest House
Boulder, CO
2012  •  57th AAP Annual Institute & Conference • Atlanta
The Core of Psychotherapy
Experience in Relationship
Loews Atlanta Hotel
Atlanta, GA
2012  •  56th Annual Summer Workshop • Virginia Beach
More Is Better Or Is It?
Greed, Excess, and Addiction
Founders Inn & Spa
Virginia Beach, VA
2011  •  56th AAP Annual Institute & Conference • Santa Fe
Love Matters
Inn & Spa at Loretto
Santa Fe, NM
2011  •  55th Annual Summer Workshop • Glade Springs
Stepping Into The Void
The Resort at Glade Springs
Daniels, WV
2010  •  55th AAP Annual Institute & Conference • Baltimore Inner Harbor
Energizing the Life of the Therapist
Marriott Inner Harbor Hotel
Baltimore, MD
2010  •  54th Annual Summer Workshop • Stonewall Jackson Resort
The Power Of The I-Thou Dance
Stonewall Jackson Resort
Roanoke, WV
2009  •  54th AAP Annual Institute & Conference • Sarasota
Compassion, Connection and Authentic Presence in Psychotherapy
Hyatt Regency
Sarasota, FL
2009  •  53rd Annual Summer Workshop • Pocono Manor
The Goldilocks Dilemma
Seeking What's Just Right
The Inn At Pocono Manor
Pocono Manor, PA
2008  •  53rd AAP Annual Institute & Conference • Savannah Riverfront
Millennium III
Time, Transition & The Human Condition
Hyatt Regency on River Street
Savannah, GA
2008  •  52nd Annual Summer Workshop • Stonewall Jackson Resort
Risk and Vitality
Stonewall Jackson Resort
Roanoke, WV
2007  •  52nd Annual Institute & Conference • San Diego
The Many Faces of Fear
Attachment,Trauma, and Neuroscience Perspectives
The Westgate Hotel
San Diego, CA
2007  •  51st Annual Summer Workshop • Callaway Gardens
Inclusion and Exclusion
Callaway Gardens Conference Center
Pine Mountain, GA
2006  •  51st Annual Institute & Conference • Asheville
Psychotherapy's Challenge
Courage in the Face of Adversity
Crowne Plaza Resort
Asheville, NC
2006  •  50th Annual Summer Workshop • Sebasco Harbor
Difficult Choices, Dilemmas and Decisions
Sebasco, Maine
2005  •  (50th Annual) Institute & Conference • Toronto
Bridging the Old and New in Psychotherapy
Four Seasons Hotel
Toronto, Canada
2005  •  49th Annual Summer Workshop • Brentwood
The I that is We, Being in Community
Brentwood, CA
2004  •  (49th Annual): Institute and Conference • Santa Fe
Spirits of Our Ancestors
Santa Fe, New Mexico
2004  •  48th Annual Summer Workshop • Deer Creek
Fear and Fascination
Deer Creek Lodge & Conference Center
Mt Sterling, OH
2003  •  48th Annual Institute and Conference • Boston
Working With Abundance & Deprivation
2003  •  47th Annual Summer Workshop • Sebasco Harbor
Difficult Choices, Dilemmas & Decisions
Sebasco Harbor Resort
Sebasco Estates, Maine
2002  •  (47th) Annual Institute and Conference • Washington
Pleasure and Perversity
Sexuality in Psychotherapy
Washington Hilton Hotel
Washington, DC
2002  •  46th Annual Summer Workshop
Passionate Connections Within and Without
Cumberland, MD
2001  •  (46th) Annual Institute and Conference
A Healing Odyssey
Psychotherapy Across the Life Span
Omni Hotel
Atlanta, GA
2001  •  45th Summer Workshop
Dance with Meaning
Nevele Grand Hotel
Ellenville, NY
2000  •  (45th) Annual Institute and Conference
Bonding and Bondage
Doubletree Guest Suites
Charleston, SC
2000  •  44th Summer Workshop
If Not Now...When
Time in Psychotherapy
Poco Diablo Resort
Sedona, AZ
1999  •  (44th) Annual Institute and Conference
Life Forces
Trust in the Process
Arlington Park Hilton
Arlington Heights, IL
1999  •  43rd Summer Workshop
The Heart of Psychotherapy
Deer Creek State Park Lodge
Mt Sterling, OH
1998  •  (43rd) Annual Institute and Conference
Pathways for Healing
Renaissance Austin Hotel
Austin, TX
1998  •  42nd Summer Workshop
That Which Endures
Sebasco Lodge
Sebasco, ME
1997  •  (42nd) Annual Institute and Conference
Roots and Wings
Ritz-Carlton Kempinsky
Montreal, Canada
1997  •  41st Summer Workshop
Voices from the Interior
Tracking Our Integrity
Snowshoe, WV
1996  •  (41st) Annual Institute and Conference
Metamorphosis - Changing Trends in Psychotherapy
Sheraton Colony Square Hotel
Atlanta, GA
1996  •  40th Summer Workshop
Energy from Openness - Strength in Containment
Yarrow Hotel and Conference Center
Park City, UT
1995  •  (40th) Annual Institute & Conference
Containing the Chaotic
Preserving the Integrity of the Creative Psychotherapist
Mark Hopkins Hotel
San Francisco, CA
1995  •  39th Summer Workshop
Community as Fertile Ground
Holiday Inn Conference Center
Olive Branch, MS
1994  •  (39th) Annual Institute and Conference
Fine Tuning the Instruments of Psychotherapy
Our Skills and Ourselves
Le Meridien Hotel
New Orleans, LA
1994  •  38th Summer Workshop
The Freedom of Boundaries
Stoweflake Inn
Stowe, VT
1993  •  (38th) Annual Training Institute and Conference
Bearing the Unbearable
Preserving Spirit in the Passionate Psychotherapist
Eldorado Hotel
Santa Fe, NM
1993  •  37th Summer Workshop
Finding Our Way
Advanced Training for the Experienced Psychotherapist
High Hampton Inn
Cashiers, NC
1992  •  (37th) Annual Institute and Conference
The Journey of the Potent Therapist
Navigating the Inner Storm
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, DC
1992  •  36th Summer Workshop
Competition & Cooperation
Lakeview Resort
1991  •  (36th) Annual Institute & Conference
Faces of Evil
Psychotherapy on the Threshold of the Millennium
Stouffer Madison Hotel
Seattle, WA
1991  •  35th Summer Workshop
Shifting Back to Center
Reaffirming Depth Psychotherapy
Devil's Head, WI
1990  •  (35th) Annual Training Institute and Conference
Psychotherapy as Art
Keeping Creativity Alive
Hyatt on Capitol Square
Columbus, OH
1990  •  34th Summer Workshop
An End to Innocence
Palmetto Dunes
Hilton Head, SC
1989  •  (34th) Annual Institute and Conference
Old Myths and New Realities
The Newporter Resort
Newport Beach, CA
1989  •  33rd Summer Workshop
Living on the Edge
Mt Mansfield Resort
Stowe, VT
1988  •  (33rd) Annual Training Institute and Conference
Through the I of the therapist
Embassy Suites Hotel
Indianapolis, IN
1988  •  32nd Summer Workshop
Room With A View
High Hampton Inn
Cashiers, NC
1987  •  (32nd) Annual Institute and Conference
Psychotherapy and Spirituality
Sheraton Society Hill
Philadelphia, PA
1987  •  31st Summer Workshop
Space and Boundaries
Estes Park, CO
1986  •  (31st) Annual Institute and Conference
Untangling Knots
Recurrent Issues in Psychotherapy
Ritz Carlton
Atlanta, GA
1986  •  30th Summer Workshop
Beauty and the Beast
Airlie, VA
1985  •  (30th) Annual Institute and Conference
The Therapist's Experience
Holiday Inn at the Embarcadero
San Diego, CA
1985  •  29th Summer Workshop
Mont Ste Marie, Canada
1984  •  (29th) Annual Conference and Training Institute
Promoting Freedom and Resisting Dehumanization
Drake Hotel
Chicago, IL
1984  •  28th Summer Workshop
No Exit
Stone Mountain, GA
1983  •  (28th) Annual Institute and Conference
Living One's Life Well
The Psychotherapist's Contribution to the Psychological, Physical, and Spiritual Dimensions of the Well Lived Life
Sheraton Ritz Hotel
Minneapolis, MN
1983  •  27th Summer Workshop
Tradition and Transformation
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Madison, NJ
1982  •  (27th) Training Institute and Annual Conference
Resistance and Surrender in Psychotherapy
Dupont Plaza
Washington, DC
1982  •  26th Summer Workshop
Bringing Out Shadows
Ghost Ranch
Abiquiu, NM
1981  •  (26th) Annual Conference and Training Institute
Integrating Psychotherapy and the Arts
Claremont Hotel
Berkeley, CA
1981  •  25th Summer Workshop
Living With Not Knowing
Mt Desert Island, ME
1980  •  (25th) Annual Conference and Training Institute
Perceptions of Reality and Psychotherapy
Barbizon Plaza
New York, NY
1980  •  24th Summer Workshop
Joy in Psychotherapy
Gant Hotel
Aspen, CO
1979  •  (24th) Annual Conference and Training Institute
Psychotherapy and the Body
Netherland Hilton Hotel
Cincinnati, OH
1979  •  23rd Summer Workshop
Facing Friends and Enemies
Monteagle, TN
1978  •  (23rd) Training Institute and Annual Conference
Exploring the Processes of the Therapist
Del Monte Hyatt House
Monterey, CA
1978  •  1978 22nd Summer Workshop
Alone in the Midst of the Community
Mont Tremblant, Canada
1977  •  (22nd) Training Institute and Annual Conference
Power and Intimacy
Monteleone Hotel
New Orleans, LA
1977  •  21st Summer Workshop
The Dying and Laughing Therapist
Houston, TX
1976  •  Annual Training Institute and 21st Annual Conference
TI - Extraordinary Psychotherapy in Times of Crisis
AC - Social Cataclysms and the Relevance of Psychotherapy
Colonnade Hotel
Boston, MA
1976  •  20th Summer workshop
Music, Psychotherapy, and the Soul
Madison, WI
1975  •  Ninth Annual Training Institute and (20th) Annual Conference
TI - The Continuing Education of the Therapist
AC - The Discipline of Psychotherapy
Atlanta, GA
1975  •  19th Summer Workshop (members only)
Fear and Freedom
Airlie House
Warrenton, VA
1974  •  Training Institute and (19th) Annual Conference
Psychotherapy and Larger Systems
Politics, Power, People
Hollenden House
Cleveland, OH
1974  •  18th Summer Workshop
Die and Become
Claremont College
Los Angeles, CA
1973  •  Training Institute & (18th) Annual Conference
New realities in Psychotherapy
Ways of Extending Consciousness
Marriott Inn
Berkeley, CA
1973  •  17th Summer Workshop
(Theme unknown)
Jacksonville University
Jacksonville, FL
1972  •  Training Institute and (17th) Annual Conference
Beyond the Senses
Holiday Inn
New York, NY
1972  •  16th Summer Workshop
Integrating the Workshop Experience into Daily Life
Tarrytown, NY
1971  •  Training Institute and (16th) Annual Conference
Decision Making and Risk-Taking
Innovations in Focusing on Therapeutic Change
Doral Country Club
Miami, FL
1971  •  15th Summer Workshop
Enhancing the Creativity of the Therapist
Stone Mountain, GA
1970  •  Fifteenth Annual Training Institute and Conference
Turning On Without Drugs
Holiday Inn
Philadelphia, PA
1970  •  14th Summer Workshop
Doing Your Own Thing
Newporter Inn
Newport Bay, CA
1969  •  Fourteenth Annual Conference
Social Psychotherapy
The Challenge of the 70's
New York, NY
1969  •  13th Summer Workshop
Conflict and Conflict Resolution
Bergamo Conference Center
Dayton, OH
1968  •  Thirteenth Annual Conference
The Therapeutic Outcome
What is the Patient Buying? What is the Therapist Selling?
Sheraton-Chicago Hotel
Chicago, IL
1968  •  12th Annual (Summer) Workshop
A New Beginning
Gulf Lane Resort Motel
Indian Rocks Beach, FL
1967  •  Twelfth Annual Conference and First Annual Institute
Psychopathology and Healing Systems
"Primitive," Religious, and "Scientific"
Airlie House
Warrenton, VA
1967  •  11th Annual (Summer) Workshop
Termination - A Step Toward Autonomy
Arden House
Harriman, NY
1966  •  Eleventh Annual Conference
The Patient's View of Psychotherapy
Hotel Biltmore
LosAngeles, CA
1966  •  10th Annual (Summer) Workshop
Where the Academy has been and where it is going
1965  •  Tenth Annual Conference
Psychological Crises and Resolutions
Statler Hilton
Washington, DC
1965  •  9th Annual (Summer) Workshop
The Silent Questions
Green Meadows Country Inn
Worthington, OH
1964  •  Ninth Annual Conference
Does Psychotherapy Have a Future?
Waldorf Astoria
New York, NY
1964  •  8th Annual (Summer) Workshop
(Theme unknown)
Arden House
Harriman, NY
1963  •  Eighth Annual Conference
The Creative Use of the Unconscious by the Artist and by the Psychotherapist
Waldorf Astoria
New York, NY
1963  •  7th Annual (Summer) Workshop
The Practicing 'I'
How Each One of Us Really Works
Lake Erie College
Painesville, OH
1962  •  Seventh Annual Conference
How Can the Scientist Help the Psychotherapist?
Palmer House
Chicago, IL
1962  •  6th Annual (Summer) Workshop
The Psychotherapist as Artist-Scientist
Themes and Variations on Creativity
State Univ Agricultural and Technical Institute
Farmingdale, NY
1961  •  Sixth Annual Conference
Failure in Psychotherapy
Process and Person
Hotel New Yorker
New York, NY
1961  •  5th Annual (Summer) Workshop
The Psychotherapist as a Human Being
Lake Arrowhead, CA
1960  •  Fifth Annual Conference
Psychotherapy - Healing or Growth
Hotel Carter
Cleveland, OH
1960  •  4th Annual (Summer) Workshop
The Alive and Growing Psychotherapist
State Univ Agricultural and Technical Institute
Farmingdale, NY
1959  •  4th Annual Conference
Divergencies & Agreements in Methodologies of Psychotherapy
Barbizon Plaza
New York, NY
1959  •  3rd Annual (Summer) Workshop
(theme unknown)
Lake Forest, IL
1958  •  3rd Annual Conference
Loneliness in Contemporary Man
Barbizon Plaza
New York, NY
1958  •  2nd Annual (Summer) Workshop on Psychotherapy
(Theme unknown)
Univ of WI
Madison, WI
1957  •  Second Annual Conference
The Place of Values in the Practice of Psychotherapy
Barbizon Plaza
New York, NY
1957  •  1st Annual (Summer) Workshop on Psychotherapy (and psychotherapists)
(Theme unknown)
Univ of WI
Madison, WI
1956  •  First Annual Conference
What is Psychotherapy?
NY Acad of Science
New York, NY