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Upcoming Issues

Technology and Psychotherapy (Spring 2018)

Is technology threatening the intimacy, healing power and value of therapy, or can it be used in service of the therapeutic process and the patient-therapist relationship? What are our personal and professional biases, judgments, comfort levels and attitudes about technology? As new technologies flood our lives, psychotherapy faces a host of questions. This issue of Voices will explore the leading edge of practice in the digital age.

Can we develop intimacy via technology rather than “in the room”? What is lost seeing someone on video chat? What is gained? In your work, are boundaries changed or challenged?

Guest editors Eileen Dombo, Lisa Kays, and Rosemary Moulton welcome submissions in the form of personal essay, research- and case-based inquiry, art, poetry, and photography on the theme of the intersection of technology and psychotherapy. We invite your personal reflections, clinical experiences, and exploration of areas of “not knowing” that emerge when reflecting on these questions.

Call For Papers (PDF) • Deadline January 15, 2018


Silence (Summer 2018)

Silence: that which is unspoken, unaddressed, avoided, ignored, left unconscious, and otherwise erased from ourselves, our patients, and our work together. Also, what may be held, embodied, or shared without sound or words.  This issue of Voices will explore the nature of silence in psychotherapy.

Guest editor Elizabeth Field

Call For Papers (PDF) • Deadline April 15, 2018